Let me tell you what I need from you in order to design your logo. Logo and brand development is not easy. In order to get it right I have an (almost) perfect process to get you where you want to be with your branding in just a couple of steps.

  1. Completed Brand Development Questionnaire

    Before I can design your logo I need to gather a bit of information. This baby gathers most of the information I’ll need to laser focus my brand development process. It gathers information about who your audience is and what your brand’s personality should look and sound like. It also gauges your need and desire to work on other related projects. Do you need new business cards with that logo? Maybe a slick new website? That’s called a package and it comes with a discount, my friend.

    This questionnaire goes to some really wacky places. You’ll answer the usual questions, like, “What colors / fonts do you feel represent your brand?” But then I’ll ask you to imagine your new brand as a living, breathing entity. If they were a human, where would they hang out? What kind of car would they drive? What would be important to them? Yeah, I’m a geek. But hey! It’s never led me astray before.

    Even though my briefs are really in-depth, they aren’t super long. I build them in Google Forms so they’re simple and clean and don’t take more than 30-40 minutes to complete. Which is no time at all when you consider the time it will save us down the road.

  2. Signed Agreement and Proposal

    Every good creative will ask you to sign an agreement before they design your logo. Standard terms and conditions that relate to the services they provide are important. This document simply defines some terms you may not be familiar with and lays out all of our responsibilities as designer and client. It’s in pretty simple English and I’m always open to having a conversation about anything you might not understand. After all, not everyone understands usage rights.

    Your proposal will describe exactly what you’re getting and how much it will cost. Expect lots of details here. How many concepts, revisions and what you get in terms of final artwork. This step also involves defining a timeline and payment schedule. After all, it’s easier to be friends when we all know what to expect ahead of time.

    Once these are signed and all parties are on board, we move forward with the fun stuff!

  3. Creative Inspiration

    Do you have other logos or brands that you love? In the world of brand development there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from another successful brand when designing your logo. No, we aren’t stealing anything or copying anyone’s test answers. Knowing what you like or dislike about specific brands is super useful. It’s great insight to have when you’re starting with an otherwise blank slate.

  4. Deposit

    Last step before I can design your logo is money, honey! Sorry, but seriously, once you’ve approved your proposal, timeline and payment schedule you can send me that deposit.

    I use Freshbooks Cloud Accounting* to create my proposals, invoice clients and collect payments. This platform allows you to view invoices, pay online (or by check) and even save payment info for future invoices. This is super handy if we’ve broken your payments into more than two installments or you’re paying me on a retainer basis.

Let’s Get Started Then!

Now that I have everything I need, we can get started creating the perfect brand.

Logo design and brand development are my favorite! It’s almost like creating a person for me, as weird as that makes me sound. There’s a certain life that a brand takes on once it’s out there speaking to customers and creating cool things to put out into the world. Being a part of that gives me goosebumps.

Would you like to know more about what it’s like to develop a brand with me? Feel free to drop me an email or schedule a free phone consultation. You can learn more about my others services here.

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