These are five great minority owned restaurants that we personally enjoy and we think you will too.

I thought I would share some restaurants from this list of black-owned businesses we visit and love.

Andrew’s Atomic Dogs
1011 Union St., Spartanburg. Open Monday-Saturday
Right off the Rail Trail, my daughter and I visited a few times and loved the food and the smiling faces.

Monarch Café and Fresh Food Store
498 Howard St. Spartanburg. Open Tuesday-Saturday
My daughter loved visiting this café every Saturday at the farmer’s market when we lived in Spartanburg.

The Real Deal Philly Cheese Steak & Hoagie Shop
2919 Boiling Springs Road, Boiling Springs. Open Monday-Saturday
One of our favorites and it’s still close to our new home. The best Philly cheese steak I’ve ever had.

TNT Hot Wings
456 Union St. Spartanburg. Open Monday-Saturday
Careful, the atomic wings will hurt your insides.

Ms. Jay’s Homecooked & Hand Delivered
This one is located in Shelby, NC BUT she delivers all over the damn place.
Her food it phenomenal and she’s my sister, so … bonus.

These are just the restaurants that we enjoy. There are lots more businesses at that link to check out.

Join me in giving to organizations striving for equality for black and minority populations. I chose the SCNAACP, but a Google search will get you loads to choose from. To close, I’ll say it one more time … #blacklivesmatter #justiceforall

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