Behind the Scenes: Client Homework

What is client homework? Before I start work with a new client there’s a process of information gathering and research. Not only for myself, but for my client as well.

In order to collect the information I need and get the client thinking about how best to stimulate the design process, I developed several resources. These resources generally accomplish two goals.

  1. I get important information regarding the project and my new client.
  2. The client gets resources that will give them new, valuable insight into their brand. When a client uses these tools mindfully they will be able to better plan and navigate their branding and digital marketing journey.

Creative Project Briefs

Every time I begin a new logo design, branding or website design project I ask the client to complete a project brief. I have two separate questionnaires: the Brand Development Questionnaire and a Web Development Brief. These are questionnaires designed to gather important information about the client, their business and the project we’ll be working on together.

Normally, I would only give access to these once a potential client has requested a quote on a project. There is no commitment to work together though. These are preliminary tools I use to provide a quote for the requested services and evaluate any other services a potential design client might need in the future or in conjunction with the requested service. They also give me specifics that I will use during my design process to keep my laser focused. No one likes it when a design project goes off the rails.

Once it’s filled out, the potential design client can have a copy emailed to their own email address to keep for future reference or in helping them focus and plan their branding and digital marketing efforts. Even if they don’t decide to work with me.

How I build these briefs.

There’s really no big secret, really. I use Google Forms (it’s free) to create in-depth questionnaires. The platform is simple, straight forward and provides some pretty cool features that help my clients only have to navigate parts of the form that are relevant to their project.

The forms typically take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. The client may choose to have the information emailed to them. A copy gets emailed to me and I then reach out to provide a proposal and quote to move the project forward.

Check out a short video of me creating a simple customer survey using Google Forms.

Customer Avatar Worksheet

I developed this tool to help clients figure out who their audience is. Research into yoru potential custsomer’s emotional state and cognitive process is a really underrated step in brand messaging. I understand why, though. It can seem intimidating to try and get into the minds of your audience. I wanted to make it easier to understand and maybe even kind of fun to do! I know, I’m geeking out a bit.

This worksheet is a simple PDF document that the client can print multiple copies of and fill out at their leisure. I don’t require it for new projects, but it is really helpful information when crafting specific marketing messaging and other content.

We all know about identifying your target demographic and why that’s important. My worksheet goes more in-depth than that. This worksheet is designed to help you really understand who they are. What’s really important to them? What makes them shop with you rather than someone else?

Whether they’re related to specific products or services you offer, you will have more than one “ideal customer”. Having messaging that’s too broad or too specific can miss its mark. Creating several types of content with content that’s “just right” for your audience will give you an advantage. My worksheet asks questions that a client might not have thought of when developing their marketing content and lets them step inside the minds of their potential audience to understand them on a whole new level. You can read more about this tool in this post.

Got a design project you’ve been wanting to get done?

I love helping people. Which is why I’m giving you access to all of these resources so that you can use them to work on your brand development.

Remember, by downloading or completing any of these client homework assignments, you are not obligated to work with me. Although, I do hope that when I reach out to chat you will consider hiring me. Obviously.

Ready to start that design project? Go ahead and schedule a free phone consultation or drop me an email. Let’s find out if we’re a good fit!

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