Invest in your audience by creating customer avatars.

What is a customer avatar? Why should I create them and how do I use them?

I invest a lot of time into my audience and my clients. I create content that I give away for the cost of your time and occasionally your email address. It doesn’t cost me any money, but it does take quite a bit of time to develop, create and then distribute it. One thing I have to admit I’ve neglected are my customer avatars. I guess I feel like I have a pretty good idea of who my clients are (business owners, duh).

But, how much do I really know? I mean, I’m pretty sure my client base has evolved since 2008. Even I could benefit from taking the time to dig into who my clients really are … more to the point, who I want them to be.

Customer avatars are kind of a new trend and it’s one I can get behind. Anything that forces you to put yourself into another person’s shoes is a winner in my book. So, let me clear up any misconceptions you might have about customer avatars.

A well thought out customer avatar is three things:

  1. An accurate representation of who your ideal customer is
  2. A clear idea of what problems you help them solve
  3. A detailed story that you can help tell through your brand messaging

Customer avatars are not:

  1. A repetition of who your current customers are
  2. A waste of your time
  3. Expensive to develop

For the price of your time you can really step into your customer’s shoes and find valuable information about them that will help you focus your messaging and make your marketing more effective. It might even make you a better person.

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