Greenery and sunlight: closeup photography of my houseplants.

I have recently decided to go back to my love of photography as a way to inspire myself. I have always loved macro photography, but never had the budget for one of those magical macro lenses. A few years back I purchased a set of cheap lens magnifiers and they actually don’t disappoint me.

So, since we’ve all been quarantined to avoid spreading the COVID-19 coronavirus to our loved ones and neighbors, I have taken up house plants as a hobby. I already had a couple of pothos that I picked up at my local grocery a few years ago and have succeeded in not killing them this long. In the last year I have received a beautiful jade plant from my mom and a gorgeous dumb cane from a family member. I also have a couple of random succulents that were given to me as gifts over the years. None have exactly thrived under my care.

I decided to get serious and have been Googling and YouTubing like a crazy plant lady for weeks. I started propagating these poor creatures and all I can do is hope I haven’t killed them all.

One morning I was just straightening up the dining room and noticed the way the morning light just oozed all over my water vessels on the table. It led to this whole array of photography taken over the course of one morning while the sun bathed my main living space. I hope you enjoy these images as much I do and that these aren’t the last time you see these pretty plants alive.

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