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“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”

– Maya Angelou

Maybe you want to redecorate your favorite room or commemorate a special event. Perhaps you need some inspiration or a fresh pair of eyes to define the mood for a project. Upload a photo and tell me about how you’ll use your palette. Or let me choose a photo from my own archives. Either way, I love sitting with beautiful images and contemplating the patterns and tones in all the hidden corners.

Just fill out my little form and I’ll be in touch.

How will you use this palette? *
What is commercial use? If you will use the palette in any commercial for profit project like marketing your own business or if the palette is part of a project you will charge a client money for it is commercial use.
Will you provide a photo for me to sample from? *
I charge a small fee for palettes created for commercial use. By checking this box, you acknowledge and agree to pay said fee upon completion of your color palette. I will invoice you later. *

Take a peek at these pretty palettes …

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