Betty Shuford Acupunture

Logo design
Brand concept mockups

Final deliverables included high resolution digital logo artwork in various formats, brand style guide.

More about the project and client.

Logo Design

This one is from 2015. I was referred to Betty by another client. She owns Pine Street Acupuncture. She was interested in branding the business. She’d been neglecting the marketing side of her business and we had to start from scratch.

Her requests were clean, balanced, minimalist design. After a few iterations she settled on the lotus design.

The goal of acupuncture is to find your center. Through acupuncture, many individuals have experienced an increased sense of  balance and relief from ailments like chronic pain, anxiety / depression, sleep and other disorders.


The abstract lotus design encircled the Chinese character, Shou. One of the three most important goals in traditional Chinese life, Shou represents longevity. The lotus symbolizes purity of the body and all of it’s parts have been known to carry medicinal properties. The symmetrical quality of this element conveys a feeling of balance and equilibrium.

The practical applications for the logo were to use it in her signage, web and print marketing. I’ve also imagined it in several other media including packaging and interior decoration.

This remains another of my favorite pieces. I loved learning a bit about the art of acupuncture and the ancient medicine behind it’s practice.