Dragonfly Soapery Logo Design and Packaging

Logo design and packaging for handmade soap brand in the Smoky Mountains.

More about Dragonfly Soapery

Dragonfly Soapery is a small, family owned handmade soap business based in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. When Elaine’s daughter-in-law developed cancer she wanted to provide her with an alternative to the potentially toxic cleansers on the market today. So she developed a bar soap that lathered incredibly well, smelled divine and left you feeling soft and clean.

The Challenge

Elaine had been developing her product and selling it across the country to her fans, but hadn’t defined a brand or explored her brand voice yet. They packaging was inconsistent and inconvenient.

How I Helped

I provided a brand new, scalable vector logo to create a cohesive brand image and included a detailed brand guide. After the logo design was set, we moved onto a flexible packaging option that would allow Elaine to use it for bars of varying sizes as well as bath bombs. We settled on a belly band and I sourced a local printer who delivered the bands within a few days. She could then print simple labels with each product’s ingredients to adhere the bands.

What I enjoyed about this project …

I loved playing with a more playful design. The bubbles and the round design of the dragonfly make this a really simple, minimalistic design that still speaks to the nature of the product.