Hardcore Housewife

Personal branding
Brand development
eCommerce website development
Product Photography
Brand consultation

Final deliverables included high resolution digital personal branding images of Jessica Foreman as well as product photography for promotional use, high resolution logo artwork in various file types, finalized ecommerce website built in WordPress, website user guide, in-person website maintenance walkthrough, on-going brand and design consultation and tutoring on social media use, website maintenance and email marketing.

More about the project and client.

eCommerce Web Design, Branding + Photography

When I first sat down with Jessica, the owner of The Hardcore Housewife, I was immediately struck by her wild woman creativity. Her unabashed, untamed, unbridled passion for the work she was doing was phenomenal. She had a grand vision that was nothing short of building an empire.

But how would this stay-at-home mom shift into a business owning bad-ass from her humble home?

In the early stages it was a logo to launch her blog at the time. There wasn’t much of a focus yet. She was testing the waters, gauging interest and focusing her vision.


In later stages we began evaluating her vision. At the time her project focus were her aprons. It was her flagship product and genius. She would scour thrift stores for the vintage pieces average humans would call “ugly” and transformed them into adorable, sometimes sexy, aprons. Some were just for fun, while others were as functional and practical as any ordinary apron. I was smitten.

Product Photography

So we started with photography. Since her products had to be seen to be appreciated this was paramount. Personal branding and product photos right out of the gate. Since her budget doesn’t allow for regular professional photography, we had an educational session where I taught her the basics in capturing her pieces and I immediately saw an improvement in the quality of what she was posting online.

eCommerce Web Design

The website had to be simple enough for her to maintain and add product to herself, but just as functional as any other eCommerce site out there. Since I work in WordPress it was super simple to accommodate her. Once it was launched we had a series of educational consultations on maintaining the site and navigating the admin area to add content to that she could be self-reliant and keep more of her profits.

Print and Social Media

The last pieces were small, but just as important. She needed business cards to have on hand at events and fairs and she needed promo image for the upcoming Spring Fling in Spartanburg.

She was immediately selling product from her site and has since attended several local events and craft fairs where she continues to gain customers, fans and support for her business.

The relationship I have with my clients is unique. I believe in self-reliance over profit and make sure clients are as much a part of my process as possible. I don’t tell them how they should project their business or themselves, but observe, listen and evaluate. Then we work together to develop something unique to them that fits into their mission and vision for their business. It’s my favorite part of the process.

Jessica has since morphed this business into something totally different. Check out her hand-delivered, homemade meals on Facebook as Ms. Jay’s Home Cooked.