Kumo Cloudcakes

Logo design

Logo design, brand guide and menu layout for a bakery specializing in Japanese cloud cakes.

More about Kumo Cloudcakes Logo Design

Nikki is a passionate mom and baker. She reached out to me to help her build a brand that she could grow her passion around. Nikki’s focus is authentic Japanese cheesecakes. I’ll let her tell you the difference between those and the ones we enjoy here in the states, but to say they are “good” or even “delicious” would be a severe understatement. I tell people that “they are the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth”.

The Challenge

Nikki had no brand and no online presence except for a Facebook page. She also needed a menu template that didn’t just look good, but that she could update herself.

How I Helped

I sat and talked with Nikki about her vision for her business. She knew she wanted to create a niche and that the brand had to reflect that, but also not exclude all the other yummy things she could make. After filling out the Creative Brief and giving me all the input, I went to work.

She also needed to get her online presence rolling. She opted to use a “build your own” site to get the ball rolling, since budget was a concern. With her new logo she was able to brand her Facebook page and DIY website and save herself some cash until she has more to invest in brand development.

The menu had to be cute, easy to read (duh) and editable. Now, I generally charge for working files, but for this project I built Nikki’s menu in Canva so that she could update pricing as she needed to. Sometimes you switch up your process to accommodate a client’s needs.

What I enjoyed about this project …

I love the way this brand came together. The cute, fluffy logo design really speaks to the product Nikki creates. She’s cute and friendly herself, so I knew it had to reflect that as well. I got some real “kawaii” vibes from Nikki and the way she bubbled on about her cakes which fit right in with the Japanese roots of the cakes.

Where you can support Nikki …

Find Nikki on Facebook  at Kumo Cloudcakes & Custom Sweets and order yourself some sweetness online here.

“Oh my God. I can’t stop staring at it. It’s gorgeous.”