Laura Ashley USA

Brand management
Product photography
Graphic design for print and web

While working with Laura Ashley USA I was shipped various products to photograph including home décor, fragrance and apparel. I was responsible for styling these shots and the creating web and print design for ads, banners, flyers, etc. that stayed consistent with the existing brand guidelines.

More about the project and client.

Who doesn’t know the Laura Ashley brand? I had the most fun on this project! I mean, seriously, to have beautiful things shipped to you and be able to play dress up for photos is a dream come true. I was super excited to be able to supply this well known, international company with both commercial photography and web graphics … win, win.

Project Scope

I was tasked with creating effective commercial product photography featuring clothing, accessories and other items as well as creating web graphics the company uses in their website, online advertising, Facebook page and email campaigns. Brand consistency was top priority.

Commercial Photography

I have photographed everything from girls’ clothing to fragrances, accessories and gift items featured on the company’s online store and used in web graphics. From the composition to the lighting, setting and props all the way through post production and file preparation, I have been responsible for the production of high quality, focused imagery used in the company’s online campaigns.

Web Graphics

I have created web graphics in several formats from online advertising banners and Facebook graphics to imagery highlighted on the company’s homepage and online store. Using either my photography or photography supplied by the company I combine imagery, graphic elements and text, in keeping with the existing brand, to effectively connect with the audience in order to drive sales and maintain brand awareness.