Lion Dental Laboratory

Logo design
Print design
Brand development
Website design
WordPress development

Final deliverables included high resolution digital logo artwork in several versions and filetypes, high resolution digital files for print materials such as postcards and folders and single page website built using WordPress with in-person website walkthrough and customized user guide.

More about the project and client.

Logo Design + Print Design + Website Development

I was enrolled in a business course earlier this year and met many amazing entrepreneurs and seasoned businesses owners. We all had one thing in common. We were trying to get better at business so that we could do what we love.

I met the dynamic duo behind Lion Dental Laboratory at this very course and we hit it off. We had both relocated from New York and we were all trying to make a living doing something that we had a passion for.

The small outfit fashions dental restorations; crowns, bridges, veneers and implants. I wouldn’t have thought of these as attractive or creative in the least until I saw the work. Dave is an artist in his own right. He matches the subject’s natural teeth, right down to accurate yellowing and staining. The man is a master. You really have to see it to believe it.

So they needed a brand, but hit a little bit of a snag with copyright when they wanted to use a piece of clipart from an online print service as their logo. I had to inform them that they couldn’t use the graphic on its own because the printer owned the rights to anything downloaded from their site. The logo was a tribal style illustration of a lion’s head. I created three different concepts in a similar style and we went from there.

Original concept sketches. Copyright Heather Marie Schiefer 2017

Original concept sketches. Copyright Heather Marie Schiefer 2017

The logo was intended to be printed in a variety of ways, including spot foil. Files were prepped as one and two color artwork in two different layouts. Later we worked together on a presentation / marketing folder and several mailers.

Awhile after they had established themselves they decided it was time to invest in their own online space. I developed one of those cool micro-sites I’m always going on about. A super sharp, single page website that highlights Dave’s artistic talent and allows dental professionals to reach out directly.

Small creative businesses like this really light a fire in my gut. It takes a special kind of determination to leave a secure 9-to-5 to pursue something that makes your toes tingle.