Mel-Med Addiction Recovery Care

WordPress website design

A full website built in WordPress focused on helping recovering substance abuse patients get necessary treatment and resources.

More about the project and client.

Dr. Melissa Fritsche believes that addiction recovery is about redefining life goals, not just abstinence from a substance. When she came to me about redesigning her website we discussed her desire to not just treat her patients, but to make sure they had additional resources. Her website was built using a popular website builder provided by her host and maintained by her husband. The site had a lot of potential, but her website builder was lacking in its ability to give her both functionality and great design and usability.

Project Scope

Dr. Fritsche needed a full eight page website design that integrated her telemedicine platform, her list of resources and an extensive recovery calendar detailing the local addiction recovery meetings her clients often needed to aid in their journey.

WordPress Website Development

The new website is not just prettier than the old website her husband had piecemealed together over a couple of years. It also has an easy to navigate layout and menu items as well as a more usable telemedicine page and recovery calendar. When you build your own website, lots of things fall through the cracks. We tend to jump right in without realizing how much planning goes into the project.

I started with a sitemap to see if we could expand or consolidate any of the page content to make it easier to navigate and consume.

I also redesigned that recovery calendar and made it easy to print straight from the user’s browser window as well as an uploaded PDF. There is also a set of filters so that the user can jump straight to whatever day they need to find a meeting.

The telemedicine platform was integrated and made easier to navigate. It includes the ability to attend a scheduled patient meeting as well as the ability to pay for services right on the website.

I made contacting the doctor as simple as possible with a universal contact form on each page as well as a dedicated contact page.

The website also includes sections for press and videos that feature Dr. Fritsche and her knowledge.

All of this is stitched together with soothing, inspirational imagery and quotes as well as a positive color palette inspired by her existing logo. The final piece was to sit down with the doctor and her husband to go over the WordPress user manual that I made especially for their website. We discussed updates, backups, regular maintenance and went over any questions they had about maintaining their own website. The result is a beautiful website that is responsive, user friendly, informative and easy for Melanie to maintain herself.