Studio M, Natalie Marzouca

Personal branding
Portrait / headshot photography
Brand imagery
Interior photography

Final deliverables included high resolution digital personal branding images and interior shots of her makeup studio in Spartanburg, SC.

More about the project and client.

Full On Glam Branding

I met Natalie Marzouca in 2017 when we sat down for a consultation. We worked together on creating portraits Marzouca could use in her personal branding.

Her website lacked personality. With nothing but stock photos, she needed images that reflected her talent and nurturing attitude. She didn’t have any professional shots of her space, products or her process. This is where I swooped in to rescue her. I spent a wonderful day with her creating images that reflected all that her brand had to offer. High end product, a comfortable experience, impeccable service and always a good time.

Spartanburg Glamour PhotographerSpartanburg Portrait Photographer

Slide the handle to see Jessica’s transformation.

Glamour Make-Over

I was also practicing my glamour portraiture. As I filled my calendar with more portrait sessions I got to see Natalie in action. I also knew exactly who to call when I performed at the 2017 International Festival and wanted my makeup to be on point. I found Natalie absolutely wonderful to work with and her skills are no joke. If you haven’t experienced the pampering of having your makeup done for an event (or just date night) I highly recommend it and Natalie should be your go to. You can learn more about her on Facebook and her website.