Project Description

Phillips Landscaping Care

Website design
WordPress development
Print design
Head shot photography

Final deliverables included high resolution digital personal branding images, finalized WordPress website with maintenance guide and in-person walkthrough as well as high resolution print files as well as preparing files and managing print orders.

More about the project and client.

This guy is everything. When I met him, Phillip was working in the kitchen at USC and running this landscaping business. Highly motivated, loved his job and wanted more clients. With a limited knowledge of today’s technology, a micro-site seemed the way to go.

We kept it simple and straight forward. Focusing no contact info and converting leads, we added some high quality imagery and a new head shot. I also created several business listings and a Facebook page for the business. Phillip was very happy when we were done.

He didn’t have the budget for a full blown identity package. I worked in a simple icon and coordinated typeface to help jump start his brand. I created vehicle magnets, postcards, receipts and estimate / invoice layouts so that he’d look professional everywhere he went.

This guy had a smile and a hug for me at every single meeting. Even when I was replacing the magnet that blew off of his truck! My clients are the best.

I had a little fun when the project was over and created some branded apparel and witty t-shirt concepts. I even did a whole vehicle wrap just for the fun of it. These never went into production, but I think they should.