Pink Dogwood Jewelry

Vintage logo design
Brand development
Jewelry product photography

Final deliverables included high resolution, print ready logo files as well as digital images of various vintage inspired jewelry pieces by the artist.

More about the project and client.

Vintage Jewelry … Re-Imagined by Nancy Faulkner

I love jewelry. I don’t wear half of what I own. I just love buying a pretty piece with lots of sparkle. My favorites are vintage pieces. Those ‘gawdy’ old brooches and big rhinestone earrings. The 20’s and 30’s wear a magical time for accessorizing.

Enter Nancy Faulkner. She designs and re-imagines vintage jewelry in Greenville and has quite the eye. Her style is art nouveau / art deco and so it immediately drew my attention. Her pieces are often re-purposed. Think oversized rhinestone earrings used as a statement necklace or a beautiful jeweled brooch re-imagined as a large locket.


It started with a logo. Nancy had not really been taking her branding all that seriously, but knew she was going to have to one day. She did what many small business owners and makers do. She paid someone who was willing to do it for next to nothing. As with many others who take this route, she wasn’t happy with the results. She needed something that spoke to people about her style. She wasn’t just creating jewelry, she was re-designing pieces from a specific era. She was targeting people who appreciated a certain style. You can’t do that with any old logo.

We started with the creative brief and immediately there was a difference. The brief forced her to ask questions she hadn’t thought about and it helped me focus my design efforts. As a result, the choice was very clear to Nancy. The only back and forth we did was refining the lines of the custom illustrated logo.

I hand drew the initials and then vectorized them, refined the lines and complimented it with an appropriate font combination that tells you immediately who you are dealing with. A high end, niche designer who’s specialty is re-worked art nouveau pieces.

I gave Nancy lots of versions in lots of file types so she could use them in all kinds of applications from web to print and beyond.

Was Nancy happy with the result? You can find out here.

The Photography

The photography came after Nancy was approached by Southern Living’s Daily South blog. They wanted to feature her work in a post and she needed some updated imagery of her statement pieces. The article concentrates on bridal pieces, but Nan is also well known for her more casual tassels as well.

We focused on the pieces, using light, neutral backdrops and natural light. The photos highlight the vintage styling of each piece and bring to life the dramatic feel of the era from which they came.

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Many of my clients sell goods or services that I wouldn’t necessarily purchase on a regular basis. Tastes vary, but Nan’s tastes are definitely in line with my own. I was a fan of her work before we started working together. I loved it so much I already own several of my own pieces.