ProLine Baits, Rhonda and Keith Cisney

Logo design
Brand development
Product packaging
Print Design

Final deliverables included high resolution files of newly designed logo in various file types and color spaces, high resolution print files for product labels and high resolution print files for various marketing materials including product brochures targeting large distributors.

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Logo Design and Brand Development

Formerly known as CarpPro, this small family owned business came to me in the midst of the pandemic wanting to rebrand. Keith and Rhonda asked that I clean up a logo concept their son had brainstormed. They needed to be able to update their website and product packaging. They also needed to be able to mesh their branding with another large local outdoor brand while staying true to both.

The logo was very detailed in that it used a lot of rough edges, embossing and shading. It wasn’t a bad design, per se, just not ideal as a logo. A logo needs to be scalable. That means the overall contour of the shape needs to be as simple as possible. If you had taken that original design and shrunk it, the logo would not have been recognizable at all. The embossing and rough edges kept it from being usable. I simplified the original spiral element and reimagined it as a fish hook. I kept the composition of those initials though, because I like how they were joined together creating one mark.

Then we completed it with a simplified color palette of blue and a steely grey. The colors had to be minimal and the mark had to be easy to use in a single color. The brand was going to be paired with several different TruTimber camo backgrounds. We needed the logo to stand out while keeping the TruTimber branding true to their brand standards.

Marketing Materials for “The Pitch”

After we nailed down that logo we began working on their product packaging. This was pretty straight forward. Several versions of a standard label, each designed for a specific “flavor” of bait and across several series. We ended up with nine separate label designs to brand different series. These integrated the TruTimber camo as a background.

Shortly after launching the liquid bait branding, the small business was approached by TruTimber with an offer to help get them in front of Cabela’s / Bass Pro Shops. They immediately called me needing a “slick” and professional looking product brochure to put in front of the global company’s team. If their branding wasn’t up to par they would be dismissed and likely not get another chance like this.

Needless to say, the quality of the product paired with the brochure won them over. This past year (2021) they had their products stocked in the Cabela’s / Bass Pro Shops and have been too busy supplying more product to even pinch themselves to see if this is real.

It’s been really amazing and humbling to watch this business grow and evolve this last couple of years. It’s always a pleasure to talk with Keith and Rhonda about their plans and how they can best leverage their branding to present themselves as experts in their field. They truly value family and their customers.

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You can find ProLine products at Bass Pro and Cabela’s, but you can also find them on their own little corner of the web at