Spartanburg Area Conservancy

Event photography
Event branding
Logo design
Print design
On-going graphic design

Final deliverables included high resolution digital images of various events, high resolution design files for event logos, brochures, posters, apparel and other printed materials.

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Event Branding and Graphic Design Baubles

The Spartanburg Area Conservancy (SPACE) is an organization based downtown who’s mission it is to preserve and improve the green spaces that dot our beautiful city. They manage spaces like The Cottonwood Trail and Glendale Shoals as well as several other of our favorite outdoor adventure destinations.

I’ve had the immense priviledge to work with this group since 2016. Among the services I provide them are individual event branding that includes logo design, posters, graphics for shirts, print and web.

Events I’ve worked on include their annual Jingle Bell 5K Run and the Shucking Good Time oyster dinner event. I’ve enjoyed working with Andrew Waters and always welcome a call from him, even when it’s just to catch up on what they’ve been up to and projects they are passionate about.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work on smaller projects such as trail signage and other graphic odds and ends. Whether it’s a big, sprawling event or a seemingly tedious design task, I’m proud to be called upon to work alongside some of Spartanburg’s best not-for-profit organizations.

Annual Dinner on the Shoals Event (2017)

I was called upon in 2017 to cover the organization’s annual Dinner on the Shoals fundraiser at Glendale Shoals. I captured the daylight portion of this formal dinner held outdoors on the site of the old Glendale Mill. The light and the music and the décor was sublime and this remains one of my favorite sets of images.