Upstate Revolutionary War Battlefield Conservation Initiative, SPACE

Logo / brand design
Brand concepts
Brochure design

Final deliverables included high resolution digital logo designs, various brand concept mockups, and high resolution print files of the informational brochure.

More about the project and client.

A brand about conservation and heritage.

I was commissioned by the Spartanburg Area Conservancy to create a logo design, brochure design and branding concept for the Upstate Revolutionary War Battlefield Conservation initiative. This brand was meant to evoke the feelings of pride and heritage that I see our community express on a daily basis. The Upstate is one of the most historically rich regions I’ve had the opportunity to live in. The land, cities and communities are all steeped in an intense brew of extreme Southern pride, immensely diverse cultures and the richest historical value that I know SPACE is committed to preserving through this initiative.

I feel a strong connection with the Spartanburg Area Conservancy.

I spent my adolescent years growing up in some pretty wild, green spaces. Those years taught me a few things. First, that nature is random and intentional at the same time. Second, it thrives on diversity. Last, humans are part of it. For better or worse. We came from nature. It’s also true that, while we are the singularly most destructive being on the planet, we are also the best equipped to ensure it’s health.

Since we exist in nature, so does our history.

Much of our history, unfortunately, is carved out in our wars and battles. These battles are fought on soil and in nature. These battlefields, as much as we remember them, blend back in with nature and much of the history is absorbed and it’s echo softened. Preserving these natural spaces is as much about our environment as it is about our history. We can preserve these spaces for environmental reasons as well as to ensure we continue to learn from our past and share it with future generations.

As always, I was honored to work with SPACE on the branding of this initiative. Like everything they work to improve, I know they will use this opportunity to revitalize and preserve our Upstate for many generations to come.

You can learn more about Spartanburg Area Conservancy at their website.