Waking Dragons

T-shirt designs
Graphic design concept mockups
Portrait / headshot photography

Final deliverables included high resolution digital artwork prepped for screen printer specs and high resolution headshot images.

More about the project and client.

T-shirt design with a message.

I began working with the team at Waking Dragons in 2016 creating some really cool t-shirt design.

The company was created by two artists, Connie and Andrew, who love to wear comfortable and inspiring t-shirts while traveling down the path of enlightenment.

The husband-wife team call their designs “Wearable Wisdom” and I think they might be on to something there.

They send me their concept. It might be inspired from another design they saw somewhere. It might be a simple line of text. The idea is to create graphic tees from these tid-bits of wisdom that come from the minds of these two creators.

I love it every time I open my inbox and there’s a message from Connie and Andrew! It’s so exciting! I make a cup of tea, open up my favorite websites for inspiration and I get into my design cocoon for a few hours and rattle off three or four t-shirt design concepts. Heaven.

Our favorite designs so far are the Ready. Set. Breathe. tee and the Pray series. My daughter and I already own some of our own!

Not all of these designs are in production. Many of these are early versions and concepts that will not be printed. Check out what they do have available at WakingDragons.com

I even got to take some casual portraits of Connie earlier this year. She’s a bright, positive spirit and I’m grateful to get to work with her and her husband.