Actor Branding, Yasmine Al-Bustami

Personal brand development
Website design
WordPress development
Print design

Final deliverables included high resolution digital print files and a complete WordPress single page website, user guide and virtual walk-through.

More about the project and client.

Personal Branding: Print and Web Design

Along with personal branding projects, I love TV and movies. I’m guilty of binge watching many a Netflix series on a day off.

When Yasmine Al-Bustami (The Originals … eeek) contacted me, I went a little crazy.

She needed to update her personal branding, starting with a new website. The old site was a bit dark and didn’t really convey her personality effectively.

We used some new photography (which I only wish I could have done) and created a micro-site that had all of the goodies in one simple package.

Oh. You don’t know what a micro-site is? It’s simply a one page website. You put all of your info on one page. It works best for individuals, like Yasmine, who don’t have a ton of content. She wanted some reels, a simple gallery, contact info and her favorite social feeds (Twitter + Instagram). Done.

Does it work with a blog? Abso-freaking-lutely! Thanks to my process, a blog is super simple to integrate into a micro-site.

When Yasmine got back in touch with me this year, I was super excited. She needed business cards and I was more than happy to oblige. She had more beautiful new portraits to use and we made the back side look like movie credits. Love it.

I look forward to watching this young actor’s career and working with her in the future.