In this initial stage we meet for your first consult. Whether it’s in-person, video call or over the phone we talk about your expectations, wants and needs and figure out how we get you there. You will also complete any new client homework before we move onto the second step. How long this takes really depends on you. I generally get started within a day of receiving payment and any questionnaires you’re responsible for completing.



Okay, this isn’t exactly what it sounds like, but it is. I retreat into my hidey hole and start researching, brainstorming and sketching out ideas that will become final artwork. You might hear from me looking for feedback on a rough idea or you might not. If you need to get project updates for your own sanity, we can certainly arrange that too. This stage can take 2-5 days for me to complete. It may be the longest lasting stage in the process.



This is where I send you the initial logo concept or proposed website design. You make decisions and revisions. If we’re working on a website this also includes the construction of the site and a click through by you to make sure the journey is what you expected as we finalize content and streamline the user experience. This typically takes a couple of days depending on the responsiveness of the client and the size of the project. This might also include scheduling an Intro to WordPress session if you purchased a website.



Finally, you approve your new artwork or website and I package up any files and prepare any user manuals (websites) or brand guides (logos) to send along to you. You get to announce your awesome new look and I get to have a well deserved glass of wine as we both we all revel in a job well done. Oh yeah, this is also where you make your final payment. ;)

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Good question! While I don’t want to turn off a potential client based on a rate that looks really high, I know people like information before making a decision. The truth is that I work with clients to build branding and design packages based on their needs and their individual budget. So, while I do have a set hourly rate, I also “bundle” things together to save clients money. I do have a few packages ready to go that you can find here. But, remember, this isn’t the last word. You can totally negotiate with me. ;)

My turnaround time for a project depends on a few things. First, client responsiveness. If the client isn’t responding in a timely manner, then things may move slowly. Second, my current work load. I try to be really transparent about how busy I am when a client comes to me with a project. I want you to know if I may be booked out a couple weeks or if I’m planning a vacation in the near future. Last, the type of project. A microsite may take me 1-2 weeks, while an eight page site can take up to 6 weeks. Logo design generally takes 1-2 weeks. Smaller print projects like business cards, brochures and stuff like that are a 24-48 hour turnaround.

Short answer is yes. Any large project will require a deposit. The size of the deposit is negotiable. I usually do the typical 50/50 split, but I’ve spread it out over three or four payments to accommodate a client with a really large project. Ongoing graphic design is a little different. Existing clients with regular, ongoing projects just pay my hourly rate and get an invoice every month. New clients who want to book me for smaller “as needed” projects will need to pay a retainer the first month based on whatever project they want completed first.

No, but I highly recommend at least a phone conversation. I do work really efficiently over email, but some times a face to face meeting or a check in via phone or Zoom helps clear up muddy project details. And a cup of coffee between colleagues never hurt anyone either. ;)

I am not an SEO professional so, no, this is not a stand alone service that I offer. I do include SEO features in websites and I can assist you in understanding some of the big ideas behind SEO and the tools you might use like Google Analytics and the like. I do not claim to know the ever changing magical secrets of search engine algorithms or those bots that crawl your website content. I can offer you advice in best practices and simple solutions to help make it a little easier to wrap your head around.

Yes! I love working with smaller agencies who may not have a design team in-house. Marketing consultants or public relations agencies may not keep full-time design employees on staff. Why would they? If the majority of their work is consulting or copywriting or strategy then it wouldn’t make sense to have a designer just kicking rocks in their cubicle for 20-40 hours a week. I have worked with several small agencies over the years as a freelance designer. If you are one of these small agencies or an individual offering strategic services most of the time then I would love to talk with you about working together for your clients!