I provide an affordable suite of branding services that includes logo design, website design, brand development, photography and professional consultation, along with lots of other little perks.

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Logo Design

Designing a logo is the very least you can do to brand your business. It should be simple, meaningful, scalable and well planned. My process includes a brand questionnaire that helps us not only nail your logo design, but includes loads of other questions that will help you continue to develop your branding over time.

Brand Development

What many people don’t understand is that a brand should develop over time. Your unique brand should have its own voice, personality and values. Your brand is made up of visual, written and perceived pieces that are all mindfully stitched together into one brand. Imagery, graphics, messaging and real life interactions are all parts of brand development.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

– Paul Rand –

Website Design

An integral part of your brand is web design. Even in a world where you have dozens of social media outlets to utilize in spreading the word, your own space is still important. Your website is a communication and information portal that you own and control one-hundred percent of the time. It should be attractive, functional across multiple devices and easy for everyone to use.

WordPress Development

I have been using WordPress for a decade and in that time have developed a package, of sorts, that makes building and maintaining client websites easier. A drag and drop page builder, front-end editor, detailed maintenance guide and in-person walk-through are just a few of the things that make my process different.

Professional Images

In addition to all of the design and techy skills I have, there’s imagery. I provide professional photography across a broad spectrum of mediums. Portrait photography, personal branding sessions, commercial imagery, product photography and image editing … all done by me. I don’t farm out the editing or hire another contractor for the session. When you schedule a session or send me product, I’m the one you get every time.

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In addition to all of these services you can also tap into my 22 years of experience in graphic design, photography, web design and branding. I provide consultation services and in-person or virtual one-on-one tutorials in WordPress and MailChimp.

I also offer website maintenance services that cover WordPress updates, content updates, backups, server maintenance and more.

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