It begins and ends here.

The first and last thing people are going to think of when they talk about your brand is likely your logo. It’s not the whole brand, but it is what will ultimately be the most memorable visual representation of your business and its values.

Anatomy of a Brand

Visual Branding

What do they see?

From the colors you use in your web site to the symbolism and form of your logo, every element of what your audience sees is important. Your visual branding will immediately give potential customers a feeling about your business. What kind of feeling is up to you.

Brand Voice

What do they hear?

Just like each human, brands have a voice of their own. How your audience interprets your brand’s personality depends on how your messaging sounds. Is it warm and reliable, energetic and helpful or apathetic and bland?

Brand Personality

How do they feel?

It might sound strange to you now, but when you combine all of your brand elements (logo, color palette, messaging, website …) your brand will develop a personality all its own. With or without your help. How will it make your audience feel about it? Will they feel cared for or will they be put off. You want to be the one in control.

Branding since 2000

I began my journey into branding 21 years ago. At the start it was mainly brand management and grew into designing brands in 2007.

Logo and branding packages starting at just $850.

I don’t like getting nickeled and dimed anymore than the next human. That’s why I have built out three simple packages that get you just enough on a budget. Need more or less? Let’s build a package just for you!

Let’s talk about what you get.

Where we start is with your logo design. You will work independently on the Brand Creation Questionnaire to help get all of the important info onto paper, so to speak. You may already have some of this in the form of a business plan. Some of it you will likely have to think a bit harder about. This will be submitted to me (you should keep a copy too) and I will use your answers to design your logo, create brand messaging and define other visual brand elements.

Another piece of the process is the Customer Avatar Workbook. This is just for you and totally optional. Some of my clients find it really helpful to imagine who they are serving. These can be just as fun as they are useful.

When all is said and done, you will walk away with a new logo in various formats and color spaces. It will be scalable and optimized for web and print applications. Your design will be ready to use “out of the box”. You will also receive neat little document called a Brand Guide that will contain stuff like proper usage of your logo, color values for print and screen applications, font names, sample brand messaging and sample imagery. This is an invaluable document when you have multiple people working on your brand management. Distribute it to anyone working on your social media, printing, website, etc.

If you’re ready to start digging in you can check out my Client Homework assignments. A little page that contains a few links that will help get you started and keep you on track.