What is a microsite?

I started creating microsites as a solution to an issue I was seeing in the small business community. Some clients just didn’t need a full blown website. It might be because they were on a tight budget. Sometimes they just hadn’t been in business very long and didn’t have the content. Some of them just didn’t want to have to maintain all of that content.

A microsite is a single page. Sometimes it’s two or three, but those are typically “pages” like a blog page or projects page where posts are populated on a dynamic page layout with little to no effort from the content creator.

How does a microsite work?

Basically the same as a normal website. The only difference is that there’s only one page with multiple sections. Usually a hero image with your big idea, an about section, maybe a list of services, testimonials, and a contact form. We can even add email collection or social feeds if that’s relevant to your business. Your readers get all of the important details from that single page.

Can I still have a blog?

Absolutely! Thanks to my process, we can integrate a blog into your single page microsite easily. Even after the fact! So maybe you really need to just get a page live to get “out there”, but you don’t have blog content yet. No problem. We can add that later and include a training session to make sure you can manage it on your own.

And if you need content strategy or copywriting for that blog, I have those connections! I’ve built a collective of other professionals that offer these services.

Yeah, but can we add to it later?

The beautiful thing about a microsite is that we can build on it over time. We can get your initial info online where your customers can find it and come back after a few months to reevaluate your content.

A microsite is a great way to get out there and start marketing when you have a limited budget or just don’t have the “thing” fully fleshed out. Realigning and pivoting are natural parts of starting or refocusing a brand. I want to make it fun, easy and enjoyable for you and your customers!

Here are some great examples of microsites:

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